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Sword in Stone Rises from Bosnian River

A medieval sword was recently found at the bottom of a river… embedded, like Excalibur, in a stone. After so many decades of strife, Bosnians now hope it symbolizes the rise of a King Arthur-style ruler.

Although a rare find in the Balkan region (only one medieval sword has been found in the past century), last year, divers found a 13th-century bastard sword that had, somehow, been solidly embedded in a stone at the bottom of the Vrbas river. According to a historian from the Rebublika Srpska Museum, this past summer, archaeologists who were excavating a nearby castle were able to coax the sword from the stone and it is now being conserved at the museum while trying to determine how it became embedded in the stone. The sword, which is in relatively good condition, is just missing the tip, which remains embedded in the river rock.

Bosnians took this figurative sword in the stone as a symbol of finding the “chosen one” to rule the land after last year’s controversial general election. Although politicians have failed to agree on the formation of a new government, Bosnians hope that now that the sword has been pulled from the stone, the rightful ruler will soon emerge.

Video from the divers who first found the sword

Video of archaeologists retrieving the sword


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