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Spectacular Anglo-Saxon Treasure Uncovered

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Excavating a site for housing development in the UK, builders stumbled across a rare find that has flabbergasted historians.

While excavating what was thought to be a rubbish pit while completing work at a housing development, workers stumbled across what’s now considered to be the most significant find in UK history: the burial site of a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon woman.

Although her skeleton has since decomposed, what remained was a stunning necklace made of gold, garnets, and Roman coins. A decorated cross was also found, depicting a face in silver and eyes made of blue glass, as well as two pots and a copper dish, which may have held a perfumed substance. She was discovered buried in a bed, which was a custom of the time.

Based on the grave goods, the woman may have been a first-generation Christian, such as an abbess. She may have also been of noble birth.

Although the actual location of the site has not yet been made public, the find has since been dubbed the Harpole Treasure, after the parish near Northampton, England, where the necklace was found.

  Gold Necklace Found At Burial Site of Anglo-Saxon
The original necklace (left) and an artist's rendering of what it originally looked like (right).

Officials at the Museum of London Archaeology said it would take at least two years to study the finds, after which the necklace will go on public display.


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