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Flooded Medieval Village to Surface in 2021

A medieval village that’s been submerged under a lake for the last 73 years in Tuscany will be revealed next year, so tourists and locals can explore the ruins.

The 13th-century village of Fabbriche di Careggine in Tuscany, Italy was abandoned in the 1940s when a hydroelectric dam was constructed nearby and the valley flooded, in order to provide much-needed power to the region.

The society that owns the dam is now said to be considering emptying the lake in 2021 to encourage tourism. The last time the lake was drained was in 1994. At that time, as many as a million tourists visited the medieval ruins over the few months the lake remained drained.

Founded by a group of blacksmiths and once famous for its ironworks, Fabbriche di Careggine has been submerged under Lake Vagli since 1947. Today, many of its 31 buildings still stand, as well as a bridge that once crossed the nearby river, a Church, and a bell tower.

Currently, the town can only be seen when the water is clear or during times of drought.

The society will announce the 2021 dates of the draining of the lake on the Vagli di Sotto Facebook page.

To see a video of the village prior to it being flooded in 1947, click here.

To see a video the village when the lake was drained in 1983, click here.


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