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Decode An Inscription for $$$

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

To date, an inscription on a rock in France has eluded understanding, so experts are now asking for the public’s help to crack the code… for a cash prize.

Experts in Plougastel-Daoulas, a village in Brittany, France, have been unable to decrypt the carvings on a rock on the shore that is only visible at low tide. The stone’s enigmatic carvings were first identified a few years ago, but the mystery of its meaning has so far stumped academics. So the town has decided to enlist the help of the public to crack the code.

The inscription is made up of both letters and symbols, including a sail boat, as well as the dates 1786 and 1787. It reads, in part: "ROC AR B... DRE AR GRIO SE EVELOH AR VIRIONES BAOAVEL... R I OBBIIE: BRISBVILAR... FROIK...AL." the letters are from the Latin alphabet and may be written in a Basque dialect or archaic Breton (a Celtic language spoken in Brittany).

A local official said that the dates in the inscription are about when the Corbeau fort and other battlements were built to protect a nearby city.

People have until November 30, 2019 to submit their guesses, after which a jury will decide on the most likely interpretation and award the €2,000 ($2,240) prize.

View the video here!


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