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6 Ways to Earn $$$ While Faires Remain Closed

Updated: Jan 29

Although you aren't going to get rich using these platforms, they will help you earn some $$$ while you await the re-opening of the festival circuit. Plus, it's just darn fun to make some cash doing... well... almost nothing.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the market. They don't charge fees for transferring funds between various crypto currencies--or for making a cash purchase of crypto--but they do charge a fee when you cash out. Plus, you need a crypto wallet if you want to invest in crypto for anything more than just a few bucks.

What I like about Coinbase is that they offer FREE crypto ($5-8) for watching videos and answering simple questions (called "Earning Rewards.") AND they give you $10 in FREE crypto when you sign up. That alone is worth checking Coinbase out!

2. CryptoTab

This website browser doubles as a way to earn Bitcoin (BTC). Just load it onto your computer as an available web browser, set the mining speed, and forget about it! If mining speeds are set to the highest level, you may have trouble running some of your programs, so I set the mining speed to high when I'm not working and to low, or turn it off altogether, when I am running memory-hogging programs. In about 6 months I've earned $15 worth of BTC… and that's with the setting usually set at low.

CryptoTab has a minimum transfer amount of only about $5 and it's easy to transfer funds into a crypto wallet, such as Coinbase.

3. Honeygain

This super simple platform also runs off your computer. On the downside, if you're already running CryptoTab, you'll earn less… unless you turn off or turn down the mining speed on CryptoTab. Plus, their minimum transfer amount is $20, which may take you 6 months to a year to earn. On the plus side, you can earn more just by checking in once a day and clicking on their "Honey Jar" bonus.

4. Coin

Coin is a game app that uses your phone's GPS to earn "coins" that can then be cashed out for Bitcoin, Etherium, or XYO; swag; or gaming systems. The downside is that to really earn coin, you need a Sentinel X (a small device that helps with geo-location, available for about $50 on Amazon). I also recommend purchasing their Lite subscription plan ($8/month)… albeit you don't have to make either of these purchases to begin earning.

Coin is earned by participating in various earning options (watching videos, filling out surveys, etc.). However, the easiest way to earn coin is by keepimg the app open while driving, biking, skateboarding, or even walking. Are you sitting at home most days during the pandemic? A "home base" feature allows you to earn coin even when stationary.

I made about $20 this past year, after deducting subscription and Sentinel purchase fees. However, I travel very little. You will earn far more if you drive a lot and/or invest in more expensive subscription plans.

5. Pi Network

Referral code: Jerrydog123

Just download the Pi app (Android or iPhone) to begin mining Pi, a relatively new cryptocurrency developed by three grad students at Stamford University. All you have to do is check in once a day to restart the mining… and/or connect with up to six other Pi users to develop a "security circle." (email for a list of Pi users you can use for establishing this circle.)

Although you cannot yet transfer earned Pi into $$, it's still fun to get in on the ground floor on something relatively new. And who knows; Pi might be worth big bucks one day!

6. Bee

Referral code: Kim123

Like Pi, just download the Bee app (Android or iPhone) to begin mining Bee, a new cryptocurrency released just last December.

Like Pi, all you have to do is check in once a day to restart the mining. And like Pi, you cannot yet use Bee to make purchases or transfer it into $$, but being an early adopter sometimes pans out… just think of how much you would be worth today if you were an early adopter of Bitcoin, for instance!

Are there other legit crypto mining platforms that should be added to this list? Email


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