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Plague Merch Proliferates

Updated: May 26, 2020

With the advent of the Coronavirus, folks have been creating some exceptional plague-related merchandise. Here are few examples… and where you can purchase them.

Full Plague Mask: $90 + shipping

Half Plague Mask: $45 + shipping

203 900 4256

Modern recreations of the leather Black Death doctor masks, the full mask features colorized polycarbonate lenses while the half mask is a modern adaption for those of us who wear glasses. Both also utilize metal hardware. Contact us to see our leather or lens color options!


Wash Your Damn Hands

Badge Holder: $8.50

Key Chain: $10.50

This key chain or badge holder is a fun reminder that during the plague of 2020, and long afterwards, to keep your hands clean.  

Attach it to your keys, bag, zipper, or lanyard. Made of an embroidered marine vinyl on the front and backed with acrylic felt. It's attached to a lobster claw clasp.


Plague 2020 Survivor Coin $3.01 + $3.62 shipping

Pin $4.52; Pendant $3.39; Key chain $3.96, all + $3.62 shipping

Plague survivor 1" coins, pins, pendants, or key chains, available in copper, brass, or melchior, all darkened. (Free shipping for orders of 20 or more)


Plague Woodcut Limited-Edition Giclée Print: $14 (Matted: $51, Framed: $111)

Print 8.25" x 10.75"; Prices include shipping.

“A Rod for Run-Awayes” by Thomas Decker (London, 1625), "In which flight of theirs, if they looke backe, they may behold many fearefull iudgements of God, sundry wayes pronounced vpon this city, and on seuerall persons, both flying from it, and staying in it. Expressed in many dreadfull examples of sudden death, falne vpon both young and old, within this city, and the suburbes, in the fields, and open streets, to the terrour of all those who liue, and to the warning of those who are to dye, to be ready when God almighty shall bee pleased to call them."


Plague Doctor Art Doll: $35

While he claims to have plenty of experience with plagues, he has yet to provide me with medical credentials. But if you'd like to invite him into your home, this dapper doctor would be happy to remind you to WASH YOUR HANDS!

This art doll is hand-sculpted out of polymer clay, and features an internal wire armature, making it fully poseable. its cotton-poly clothing features small pockets full of posies. 11 inches tall, hat included.


Have you recently made a unique, handmade plague-related product that you'd like considered for an upcoming article? Email a photo, price, company name, URL, and description to


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