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7 Crowns for Wear at Faire: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Need a medieval-inspired crown for your faire costume? Going to have a themed wedding and need a tiara? We've reviewed 7 inexpensive options from Amazon. Here are the results.

So you'll be attending a Renaissance faire or other costumed event in the coming months and need a crown to finish out your costume. You also don't want to spend all your hard earned money on a custom-made creation... at least not yet. So you head to Amazon to see what they have on offer.

The problem is, the crowns under $30 either don't have reliable reviews (who knows who is writing them--so many companies nowadays pay for a positive review) OR the photos are manipulated to look great.

So how do you know which ones will hold up to an entire day at faire without giving you a headache, falling off constantly or breaking?

Not to fear. We ordered a variety of medieval-looking creations and have tried them all on… on camera. We also filmed the unboxing so you can see if they arrived broken, damaged, or in excellent condition.

Based on our research we have also given each crown a star rating so you know which are our favourites for long-term faire wear.

If you'd like to purchase any of the crowns reviewed in this video, we hope you'll do it through the below links. By doing so we will receive a small commission that will help offset the costs of creating future product review videos for you. Plus, you'll receive our undying gratitude, which lasts a lifetime!

Aukmla Vintage Crown:

CROWN GUIDE Bridal Headband:

Kilshye Gold Queen Crown:

MTLEE King and Queen Crown Set:

Woodland Black Fabric Crown:

COCIDE Gold Tiara:


If you make medieval/renaissance/Celtic crowns or tiaras and would like us to include your piece in a future product review segment, email us at


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