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2021 New York Renaissance Faire Photo & Video Essay

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

With beautiful weather and an end in sight for the plague, everyone came out to celebrate the final weekend of the NY Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY.

The Maypole Dance featured Kristen Wares,

Featured above: 1: Kelda Thorbjorgsdottir (April Casler); 2: Rainey Rowan; 3: Richard Leibowitz of Garden Gothic; 5: Sir Larrison of the Jousters (Chris Murley); 6: Gizmo the Gnome (Adam O'Connell); 7: Ol Skipflak (Daniel Mohr); 10: Revali Uccello, the Air Faerie (Katie Felici); 11: Nelehendil (Chris Mills); 14: Lothlorian Cosplay (Hannah Lawrence); 15: The Scotsman (Tim Babcock); 21: Countess Cordelia of the Jousters (Savannah Mansour); 22: Sir Walter of Litchfield (Walt Brackett)


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