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2022 Renaissance Faires at a Glance: Jan. – April

A visual representation of the North American faires and festivals with run dates through APRIL 2022.

This chart, which shows Renaissance faires, Viking fests, and pirate events throughout the US and Canada was designed to help patrons, merchants, and performers visualize which events overlap so as to better schedule travel and vendor arrangements.

Costumed events that have closed FOR GOOD, due to the pandemic:

Queen Mary Scots Fest, Long Beach, CA

Faerie FanFaire Fest, New Ringgold, PA

Middlefaire Ren Fest, Hillsboro, TX

Utah Winter Faire, Farmington, UT

Oak Grove Ren Faire, Sorrento, FL

Grand Junction Ren Faire, Grand Junction, CO

Southampton Ren Faire, Courtland, VA

Ft. Lauderdale Pirate Fest, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

DaVinciCon, Lexington, VA

Feather Falls Ren Faire, Oroville, CA

Indana Pirate Fest, Mishawaka, IN

Philadelphia Ren Faire, PA

Springfest Faerie Fest, FL

Fresno Pirate Fest, CA

Pendragon's Welsh Medieval Faire, OH

If you'd like to receive the FULL chart through the end of the year as an editable Excel spreadsheet, along with quarterly updates over the coming year, email Cost is $5/year. We accept payment of crypto, via Paypal or Venmo, or check/MO.

The above chart does not include Celtic festivals. Moreover, it only shows events for which we've been able to confirm dates. The list of events shown above that are closed for good is based on the best available info. If you're aware of a festival that has scheduled its 2022 dates and is NOT on the chart—or an event that has closed its doors forever and is not on the above list—email


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