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Off Kilter Kilts

Off Kilter Kilts

Kilts and accessories from StumpTown, Sport Kilt, and Verillas, as well as a wide selection of used kilts. We focus on modern, ready-to-wear kilts, but we can also help you get that special formal kilt outfit for your wedding or other special events.

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Find us at these Events

Northern California Renaissance Faire 

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival 

London Bridge Renaissance Faire 

Louisiana Renaissance Faire 

Central Coast Renaissance Faire 

Renaissance Pleasure Faire 

Riverside Dickens Festival 

Phoenix Highland Games 

Queen Mary ScotsFest 

Seaside Highland Games 

Pleasanton Highland Games 

Monterey Highland Games 

Sonora Celtic Faire 

Costa Mesa Scottish Fest 

Northern California Pirate Festival 

High Desert Pirate Faire 

Battle for the Ring

For more info on the festivals listed, such as dates, locations, and driving directions, click on the Events page in the top bar.