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Merchant Listings

Need a gift for the rennie, pirate, mermaid, Viking, Celt, historical re-enactor, or Steampunk enthusiast in your life? Look no further; our faire merchants are here to serve.
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Enchanted Forest

Natural palm oil soaps, salt soaks, incense, and lotions.

Peter Townsend's Irish Collection

Coat of Arms and History Prints for those who love genealogy

Phoenix Stix

Premium juggling sticks with a super-grip covering.

Weaver Leather Supply

Your resource for leather, hardware, tools, machinery, and more, providing the supplies you need to ensure every project is a success.

Meadowsweet and Broom

Whimsical headpieces and other elements of fantasy.

Goblin Worx Leather Co

Handcrafted leather accessories for every need.

Chained Reaction Chainmail

Chainmail and scalemail jewelry and decorations

Viking Textiles

Handwoven textiles and handspun yarn for the Viking and Shield Maiden in all of us.


Affordable and unique cool, cotton garb.

Off Kilter Kilts

Kilts and accessories from StumpTown, Sport Kilt, and Verillas, as well as a wide selection of used kilts.

Accents Renaissance and Historical Design

Period-correct hats from the 12th through the 20th centuries, as well as historical garments.

The Knarly Knot

Quality drinking vessels and eye-catching cutting boards that maintain the beauty of the woods as nature intended.

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